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Semper Fit Me LLC proudly offers at-home workout programs for people who want to improve their fitness without leaving the comfort of their homes. We'll provide the layout of your new routine and trust that you follow it to meet your fitness goals. And of course, Coach Vince will be here to answer any questions and provide motivation along the way.

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Coach Vince puts this program together to help you jump start your fitness journey, help with that stubborn fat loss, and more importantly, a New You!

"This program is not easy- I will not lie to you, but I promise you, if you stick with it and follow the program to the "T", you will love your results." - Coach Vince

What makes S.I.T.F.U. different from other challenges?

Everyone promises weight loss, Coach Vince does not promise weight loss, but FAT loss instead!! Everyone's body is different, all results are not the same. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. This challenge is YOU against YOU!!

Booty by Coach Vince


Coach Vince wanted to make a program that doesn't just focus on building muscle or fat loss like the S.I.T.F.U. program.
This will build your glutes and legs so you have a stronger foundation and to get the Booty that you've always wanted. Teaching you proper form and workout technique, to help tone your glutes.

Whether you're starting your fitness journey, exploring something new, or ready for a challenge, these are made for you!